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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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they are only middle schoolers and most are experiencing grief like never before. they learned one of their most beloved classmates was killed in a tragic accident. >> it took me forever to come to this memorial. this he would have loved it to know everyone cared so much about him. >> 14-year-old marcus johnson was an eighth grader. on saturday he was one of two people in the pit area who was killed by an out of control race car at marysville race way park north of sacramento. that car was driven by marcus' cousin, 17-year-old chase johnson. he is a senior at petaluma high school. patrick is marcus' coach and knows the family well. >> i can't think of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as can be. they raced at the same race way. >> racing was in marcus' blood. he was a fourth generation race car driver. the family liked to race
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winged sprint cars like the one seen here in a race won by his cousin, chase. marcus' classmates knew of his passion for cars early on. >> i remember being in first grade and he would bring his race cars to our school for events. it was really fun to see. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation, but the family has told others that the steering wheel came off. classmates say marcus' cousin, chase, is in their thoughts too. >> it is so sad that his cousin, even though he did nothing wrong, he will have to think about this and know that he -- and nobody dooy serves that -- nobody deserves that, nobody. >> the middle school is on spring break, but when students return on march 25th, grief counselors will be available. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. the other victim of the crash is a 68-year-old man from the sierra foothills. the man from grass valley owned one of the cars racing, but his car was not involved
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in the crash. new at 11:00, a motorcyclist died in a chain reaction accident that closed an east bay freeway for about an hour and a half this evening. one car burst into flames after a motorcycle hit it on northbound interstate 680 near red deer road and walnut creek. it happened around 5:45 this evening. two other vehicles were also involved. witnesses told the highway patrol the motorcyclist and the driver of the dark-colored car were driving recklessly before the accident. four people suffered minor injuries after a small pick up truck slammed knew the front windows of the stlift -- thrift store in vallejo. it happened on sonoma boulevard around 2:00 this afternoon. the driver was treated and released at the scene. a city building inspector declared the store off limits until repair crews can repair the damage. developing news in vallejo tonight where police are investigating the shooting death of an elderly man. someone called police around a 5:30 tonight saying they heard shots fired.
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officers found the victim dead inside a garage. they have not yet released the victim's identity and no arrests have been made. a wildfire is still smoldering in the east bay tonight. a giant plume of smoke from the blaze filled skies for hours this afternoon. it was visible throughout the bay area. the crews are just letting it burn out. it is happening on lower sherman island where the sacramento and san juaquin rivers come together. abc7 news reporter sergio quintanna is live in antioch with a look at how people living nearby are so worried tonight. >> yes, the fire was burning a few miles north of here, and the firecrews tell us that because it was on that isolated island they didn't really have a worry it was going to spread. but since it did burn for several hours it pumped a lot of smoke into the sky and it rained a lot of ash like this all over antioch. a thick, black plume of smoke is what most people uh-huh cross the east bay. it towered for hours stirring concern from nearby
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residents. >> you could just see like a huge black cloud floating over. >> this is the source of the smoke, a fire on secluded sherman island. because the fire was on the isolated island, the solano county fire department said they let it burn out for a few reasons. it would be difficult to get resources there. there are no structures or people, and there was no concern that the fire would get off the island. what did get off the island was smoke, soot and ash and plenty of it. >> when i walked outside, you could clearly see big poof ash and it was fuming down, all of the soot and all of the ash was coming down in my hair and in the backyard. >> charred particles rained down on antioch for a couple hours and collected on cars and along street curves. >> any worries? >> i have asthma so i am sure that it won't help that any. >> though the ashes are scattered across antioch, local hospitals have not reported anyone seeking medical help or respiratory problems linked to the smoke. for some, the soot and ash was
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hardly an issue. >> because i used to live in l.a. i understood it. >> when you say l.a. you know the fires and the ash. >> solano county fire departmentals us that it is likely the fire is still burning. however, there are no crews on that island keeping an eye on it. as for the smoke, well as soon as the sunset i can tell you the winds shifted and the smoke pretty much cleared out of antioch. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you, sergio. a change in our weather is ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is here now with a first check of the forecast and what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> already clouds are starting to move in, but it looks like the rain will hold off until tuesday. we will talk about that coming up a little later in the weather cast. you can see high clouds are out there. no moisture is being picked up. and the current temperatures,
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we are dropping off nicely and rather quickly. san francisco is 51 and we have 52 in san carlos. half moon bay is 45 and santa cruz 51. this was the last full weekend of winter. spring also arrives and so does the rain this upcoming week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> leigh, thank you. oakland police took several people into custody after an early morning hop side lead to a standoff. officers surrounded the crime scene at 25th avenue and international boulevard for about 10 hours. the trouble began about 1:30 this morning. that's when two shooting victims showed up at a local emergency room. one of them died from his injuries. officers removed several people from the home when the standoff finally ended around 11:30 this morning. no word from police if anyone detained has been arrested for this shooting. two teenagers are headed to juvenile jail for at least a year after a judge found them guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. it is a case that's divided an entire time. larry jacobs has the story.
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>> for a minimum period of yon year. >> reporter: moments after the juvenile court judge handed down the sunday morning rape conviction, the two defendants stepped toward the 16-year-old sexual assault victim and apologized. >> i'm sorry to put you through this. no pictures should have been put around. >> reporter: the pictures on facebook and twitter show the apparently unconscious victim, and they convinced hershey was assaulted. her she was assaulted. she described waking up naked with the defendants in the same room. she said i was scared, embarrassed and it freaked me out. the judge was not swayed by testimony that the rape victim took part in the assault willingly and sentenced the two star football players to at least one year in jail. trent mays got an additional year for taking a nude picture of a juvenile. protesters outside demanded more arrests especially for those who witnessed the
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assault or took pictures and did nothing. >> we cannot bring fie -- finality of this without the convening of a grand jury. >> reporter: it has consumed this town. in an exclusive interview, elizabeth vargas asked richmond if he was ready for the verdict. >> it doesn't matter? >> no. >> what was the most hurtful things people were saying about you? >> that you should hang him. >> reporter: larry jacobs, abc news, new york. f.a.a. officials are in indiana investigating a deadly plane crash of a private plane crash that slammed into a neighborhood today. of the four people on that plane, at least two are dead. three more people on the ground are in the hospital. the pilot radioed he was having electrical problems before the crash. at least 200 people have been evacuated from the neighborhood because of a gas leak caused by the accident. still to come tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, more fallout from the san francisco symphony strike and why striking musicians say they won't give in. also the trial run on bart that could affect your morning
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commute. we'll let you know what is going to be different starting tomorrow. and a mystery on the california coast, why so many young sea lions are washing up sick and starved. one possible reason
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going san francisco symphony strike. the symphony's east coast tour that included a date at carnegie hall is now canceled.
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according to symphony management, they rejected a mediator proposal to resume a cooling off period while negotiations continue. the musicians say the strike will continue until they get a contract that honors their contributions to the symphony. the musicians are unhappy with their proposal by management that includes a pay freeze in the first year of the contract. new at 11:00, europe's biggest bank by market value, hsbc plans to shed a lot of jobs this year. according to the financial times, they will cut 5,000 jobs globally in 2013. they are expected to save the bank $1 billion. well, people who parked at meters at tonight's world baseball lask -- classic game, likely felt some sticker shock. that's because the rate is now $7 an hour instead of the usual $5. it is part of special event parking. from here on out, all special events at the park including giants' home games will rack up the steep new hourly rate. it is already giving some drivers pause.
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>> i might have to think twice about coming up here. or maybe i do mass transits. i don't know. with this $7 an hour, that is absolutely ridiculous. >> the rate stays in affect until 10:00 at night. the new special event meter price is part of a program by san francisco to help manage the city's limited parking meter spaces. bart is taking a second look at the bicycle policy allowing bikes on the training all the time starting tomorrow. the pilot program comes with a couple of restrictions. the first are off limits and during rush hour, no bikes will be allowed in the first three cars of the train. the test program runs this week only and ending on friday. clergy from many faiths joined undocumented immigrants and calling on the government to provide a path to american citizenship for 11 million people. they packed the episcopal church of saint john the evangelist in the mission district. the crowd listened to the chicago congressman call
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america's immigration system broken. one young woman hopes a clear path to citizenship will allow her a chance to put her journalism to greater work. >> a lot of people are working hard to get a career and they want to provide for their family and once you graduate from college, it is hard to work legally in the country. and that becomes a big stepping block in order to move forward. >> the san francisco organizing project says two-thirds of undocumented immigrants have been in the u.s. for more than a decade. we are seeing some changes come our way. let's check in now with meteorologist leigh glaser and live doppler 7hd. >> well, at least we get one more dry day before the rain returns across the bay area. already starting to see some clouds. these are mainly high clouds. live doppler 7hd is not picking up moisture out there. but the clouds are starting to move in, and they will greet you tomorrow morning and they will be on the increase by monday afternoon. here is a live look from our
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high definition rooftop cam and looking out toward the san francisco embarcadero. and of course the lights on the bay bridge in the background. san car rose, you are -- san carlos, you are 52. santa cruz, 50 degrees. here is a close up shoes of the the -- close up shot of the twinkling lights. hayward is 51 degrees. highlights, yes, big changes coming up. i know we have been spoiled the past five to seven days, plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. changes will start to come tonight and tomorrow with the high clouds moving in. cooler day for your monday and then rain will return as we head into tuesday afternoon. it is lingering through wednesday. and by the way, wednesday is the first day of spring. so here is a look at our lows. the clouds moving in will insulate us a little bit. so where the clouds are, temperatures are midto upper 40s overnight. in the north bay, the valley areas and maybe a few catches of clear and that's why you will see the temperatures are
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cooler. and you will see napa 41 degrees. here is the set up, the high pressure is starting to weaken. it will kick on toward the east. already some of the high clouds in advance of the cold front. it is making its way toward the bay area. and it looks like this thing will move in here. it will spread rain by tuesday afternoon. look at the nice, tight wound area and nice defined cold front. all of this is moving toward the bay area. it is not a big storm. as it hits the coast it will decrease a little bit in strength. here is our forecast animation. this is 5:00 p.m. on monday. this is your evening commute. you can already see some of the rain ahead of this system. and then by tuesday morning, your 5:00 a.m. commute will be fine. it will be the afternoon commute that will be pretty sloply by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. this is tuesday afternoon and then 5:00 in the afternoon, more rain continues to move through. this moisture will linger into
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wednesday morning as well. so here is a look at your highs for tomorrow. remember look for increasing clouds. the temperatures will come down. still going to be a nice day with san jose 68 degrees. at the coast, half moon bay 58, pacifica 58. san francisco, hazy sunshine. downtown 62 degrees there. in the north bay, not as many 70s tomorrow. the temperatures will drop and santa rosa 68, and 69 cal law calistoga. oakland tomorrow, increasing high clouds throughout the day. 67 degrees there. union city 65. and interior east bay, you will look for a mixture of sun and clouds and 70 for brentwood and 69 con card and -- concord. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry day on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. showers developing on tuesday afternoon. it looks wet on tuesday and wednesday. cooler on wednesday, the first day of spring. and then we will warm things up on friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures inland in the 70s to near 80 degrees.
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abc7 news has a great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd for the latest conditions. plus get video forecasts and the power outages and information and weather tweets from your famous weather team. 4:30 to 7:00 mike will be here with updates. >> tracking that latest system coming in. thanks, leigh. let's turn our attention now to sports. and base bay you will is back in san francisco to -- and baseball is back in san francisco. >> yes, the world baseball classic $7 for parking n the finals at at&t. puerto rico and japan and there will not be a three pete for the japanese.
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a team that eliminated team usa in the world baseball classic, puerto rico knocked off the japanese tonight at at&t park. legendary japanese player on your right throwing out the first pitch. puerto rico didn't waste anytime. it is a fly to center and coming around to score pew wear row rico -- puerto rico
11:22 pm
on top 1-0. it is a monster two-run bomb to left and it was a 3-0 lead. two outs with a man on for japan and the giants' angel pagan will grab the final out as puerto rico moves on to tuesday's final with a 3-1 victory. >> we haven't won it yet. we believe we can win this, and that's what we are all about. we are waiting for who wins to play on tuesday. >> it was the same atmosphere -- you know it wasn't the playoffs. it was looking at the guys in center field. familiar faces, and it is cool. it made me feel comfortable and very positive to play this game. >> the netherlands seen here practicing yesterday and the dominican republic playing tomorrow, the second semifinal. the giants' hitting coach is the netherlands' manager and he has his hands full with the dominicans as they have not lost a game in the event.
11:23 pm
>> they have had the same attitude. we beat korea in taiwan, and then we beat australia and cuba twice. we will have to play a clean game, pitch well, keep the ball down. we will have to run the bases well and have quality at bats and keep the line moving to score the runs we need to win tomorrow. >> all right. we will take a brief timeout before we hit the hardwood. we will let you know where cal and saint mary's is headed in the big dance. and they put some space between th
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starting in houston, with a win they lead by a game and a half. the warriors capitalized off the rockets and steph curry to klay thompson for two of his 26. he hit six, three's. golden state lead by eight after one quarter quarter and then steph curry does what he does best. he had 29 and golden state up at the half. the third quarter and he tried
11:27 pm
to bring the rockets back. he had 21 and down five and that's as close as they would get. the put back. oh my and they head to new orleans. the ncaa tournament committee has selected their 68 teams for the big dance. the pack 12, ucl, a oregon, arizona and cal got the nod. saint mary's is there, but they will play an extra game. saint mary's is the 11th seed and they will face middle tennessee in a play in game. the winner gets memphis on thursday and auburn hills, michigan. cal is a 12th seed in the east. they will face unlv on thursday. in san jose, the good news is cal stays local, but unlv has beaten cal. >> they are excited about the match up. they are somewhat familiar with them. from the standpoint of what we are up against, they are a good team and very explosive, talented group of guys. >> here are the top seeds,
11:28 pm
louisville is the number one overall seed. they will play in the midwest, kansas tcp dog in the south. indiana gets the one seed in the east and gonzaga gets the top billing in the west. cactus league action, a's hosting the cubs and break out the big lumber in the first. two runs on for chris young. not anymore. a three-run blast. a's are up 3-0. and then in the third, the 2-0 pitch to donaldson and outta here. the a's go ahead 6-1. the cubbies tie it up, but there is a two-run blast in the bought bought -- bottom of 7 and bottom of 8. the a's go on to win it 12-6. giants and rockies, sandoval scratched with right elbow discomfort. tim lincecum on the hill for his second start of the spring. he gave up two runs in the first inning. there was a double home and rockies up 2-0. giants erased a 7-4 deficit and has some her row ricks. there was a three-run walkoff homer and giants win it big.
11:29 pm
9-1 your final. a little golf and tennis coming up in the newscast and see you then. >> can't wait for the tennis wrap up from indian wells. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, just days away from his official installation, pope francis continues to show his humble side and grows legions of fans in the process. and new concerns about sea lion pups washing ashore this california. what is behind this disturbing new trend? and a business of a scoop from a pregnant duchess of cambridge. what she is saying today about the sex of her baby. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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i'm carolyn johnson. ama dates has the night off. in tonight's headlines, an emotional candlelight vigil in santa rosa for a 14-year-old boy killed in a tragic car racing accident. marcus johnson died yesterday when he was hit by a sprint car driven by his 17-year-old cousin at a marysville racetrack. a motorcycle driver is dead in walnut creek following a traffic crash on 680. in that area the motorcycle hit at least two other vehicles. witnesses say that motorcycle was racing another car. a fire in a wildlife area in the san juaquin river delta sent huge clouds of smoke and ash over the east bay today. the fare was burning on lower sherman island. sought lon know county -- the saw law know fire department let it burn out because it is unpopulated. on tuesday pope francis will be installed as the 266th pontif of the roman catholic church. the world has only known him for a few days now, but in that brief time the main impression he has left is he is a humble man.
11:34 pm
it is an image he showed today. tom rivers has more from rome. >> on the first sunday of his papacy pope francis welcomed 100,000 of the faithful to st. peter's square. speaking in italian, the new pontif delivered his first angeles blessing. his message? god does not get tired of forgiving us. we should not get tired of asking for forgiveness. have a nice sunday and a nice lunch. that common touch has endeared him to catholics. >> she down to earth. he is a people person, and i think he is amazing. he will do wonderful for the church. >> i receive etd -- i received the blessing of him. taking my friend and my hand together. >> the pope surprised and delighted others leaving his car to leave a personal touch. francis shook the hands of
11:35 pm
parishioners and kissed their babies. the pope chose to celebrate mass in the small vatican church of st. anne gnaw. in his sermon he said the message of jesus is one of mercy. leaving the church francis was seen looking at his watch and then uh pawrntly telling staff he wanted to meet more people. with wary security guards around him, he was guns again lavished with public affection. francis gained attention as a people's pope. >> this is somebody who is with the people. he is really speaking to them. i think that message goes far. >> so far, so good. and for many, these early days seem to glow with early promise. tom rivers, abc news, rome. >> new at 11:00, president obama is set to name a new secretary of labor. a white house source says thomas perez of the justice department will be nominated to head the labor department. he has strong support from latino and labor groups and he could run into problems from republicans.
11:36 pm
now a follow-up to a story we first brought you last night at 11:00. the meat and poultry industry is pushing back against those hard to watch videos of animal cruelty. it is videos like these that the new legislation appears to want to restrict. a bill sponsored by the cattle man's association would require anyone collecting evidence of abuse to turn it over to authorities within 48 hours. they say abuse should be stopped as soon as possible rather than waiting until someone makes a video. critics contend that the industry should want to stop the cruelty rather than the documenting of it. a mystery in southern california has animals baffled. the starving sea lion pups are washing up on beaches more and more each week and no one is sure why. clayton sandal explains many are working around the clock to save them. >> in 27 years, saving sea creatures big and small, he has seen something he has never seen before. >> they do look so cute, but they have a bite 10 times
11:37 pm
greater than a pittbull. >> he rescues about 200 sea lion pups in an entire year, but now the animals are beaching themselves in unprecedented numbers. >> tell me about this year. >> this year it has been alarming lehigh -- alarmingly high number of rescues. have i done 10 since january 1st. >> they are showing up all over california beaches skinny and starving. scientists don't know why. they do know for some reason there is not enough food for the sea lions to eat. >> commercial bait fishermen friends of mine says there is no bait in the water, no anchovies no sardines and no macral. the food these animals eat. >> and then another call. >> baby still very young, eyes are barely open. >> peter carefully moves in. this is already peter's fifth rescue of the day. >> the bodies will keep each
11:38 pm
other warm. they are both severely hypothey are mick. >> the rescue shelters are filling #w* tired huddled masses of sea lion pups. >> what are their chances. >> great right thousand. >> until they can figure out what is going on, they will be on the beach trying to save them. abc news, santa monica, california. now to ireland where they celebrated in style with a lot of green. huge crowds gathered in one of the largest st. patrick's day celebrations. this one in dublin, ireland. the city hosts the annual parade with floats, bagpipers and of course bands. more than 250,000 cheering spectators turned out and in keeping with tradition, they were dressed in shades of green. and in evening land, the duchess of cambridge carried out a st. patrick's day tradition handing shamrocks to those members of the irish guards near london.
11:39 pm
she was accompanied by the duke, prince william. and kate is now five months pregnant and revealed she would like to have a boy. she says prince william wants a girl. an american st. patrick's day tradition is on display. namely the serving and eating of corned beef. every year they cook a thousand pounds of corned beef and they serve it with the traditional cabbage and carrots. still to come on abc news at 11:00, want better vision, but not cut out for lasik? the treatment that could help you see things differently. >> hi, everyone i am leigh glaser and we will have one last look
11:40 pm
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11:42 pm
some medical news tonight, and a powerful cutting edge laser is providing thank you options for visiting patients who are not candidates for the popular lasik treatment. doctors say it can provide similar results without the long recovery time required in the past. >> this is the view sue ellen lives for. but on several flights the para-glider has had her vision interrupted just when she needs it most. >> sometimes when mare raw -- when para-gliding i had my contact lenses come out when flying.
11:43 pm
which is not a great feeling. >> today sue ellen is hoping to make the contacts object sew lote -- object saw leet with the help of this ophthalmologist. her vision is slightly complicated by irregularity os the surface of her cornea that ruled her out for the lasik treatment. the alternative known as prk produces similar results, but it is often with a longer recovery time. >> i could not afford to not work and as well not fly. this is my passion. >> now are you doing? >> to cut the recovery time they will perform the procedure with the newly approved laser known as the ex500. it is currently the world's fastest laser for reshaping the eye. >> the laser beam itself, the configuration is precise and very special. it is a tiny laser beam. >> in a procedure lasting just
11:44 pm
minutes, they guide the specially designed cone-shaped laser beam on to sue ellen's eye. as seen by this animation, the laser pulses are delivered across the entire cornea including the periphery. the more even distribution can cause side affects associated with surgery. >> the brĂșin would perceive images with the different-shaped cornea with glare and it was a traditional problem. >> beside avoiding glare and halo it shortens the healing process. for some patients cutting weeks off the typical recovery time of a month or longer to experience fully corrected vision. >> with this laser over 85% of patients get 20/20 or better vision at one week after surgery. >> the prospect of getting back into the air with the safety of 20/20 vision is simply up lifting. >> when you fly you want to
11:45 pm
have a great view and a great perspective and see where you are going to land. so you keep yourself safe. >> they say the price for the treatment is comparable to lasik. it is about $3500 per eye. now another check of the forecast right now. leigh glaser is here. >> yes, and live doppler 7hd is still picking up a few of the high and midlevel clouds and it is already making its way across the bay area. we won't see much in the way of fog overnight, and so i think your flights out of sfo and the other bay area airports should be a-okay tomorrow morning. do look for the increasing high clouds throughout the course of your monday afternoon. if you are traveling back east, expect delays, washington, d.c. up to new york as well as boston. pretty strong cold cold front is making its way. snow is piling up already. albany, new york. be prepared for cold weather there. new york tomorrow 36 degrees. behind this wicked wind.
11:46 pm
chicago incredible windchill factor expected tomorrow. the temperature of 38 degrees. st. louis will cool to 47. sunshine for dallas and 73 and phoenix tomorrow is 84 degrees with plenty of sunshine. around our state, cold front off the coast will continue to bring increasing clouds to the bay area as well as into southern california. los angeles tomorrow is 69 degrees. sacramento is 74 and tahoe is 57. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooling will begin as we head into our monday. increasing clouds on monday night. the rain returns to the bay area. on tuesday afternoon, tuesday night and then on wednesday look for morning rain and afternoon and spring showers. by the way, wednesday is the first day of spring. as we get into friday, saturday and sunday the temperatures will warm to the upper 70s to near 80 degrees next weekend. >> great. sounds wonderful. as we approach spring, march madness is upon us. mike shumann is here with sports. >> remember waiting around in
11:47 pm
high school to go to the prom? some were feeling that for the big dance. cal and saint mary's got the
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
well, there are 68 happy basketball teams as they were invited to the big dance.
11:50 pm
saint mary's is in, but they will play an extra game. they are the 11th seed in the midwest, so they will face middle tennessee in a play in game on tuesday in dayton, ohio. the winner will get memphis on thursday and auburn hills. michigan. cal will face unlv on thursday. that will be in san jose. the good news is they stay local. the bad news unlv beat cal earlier this season. >> they are excited about the match up. they are somewhat familiar with them from the standpoint of what we are up against. they are a very, very good team. they are very explosive, talented group of guys. >> here are your top seeds, louisville number one overall. they will play in the midwest. kansas top dog in the south. indiana gets the one seed in the east. gonzaga gets top billing in the west. the warriors hit the road for three games starting in houston. with a win today they now lead the rockets a game and a half of the six playoff spot with 14 games left. the warriors capitalize early.
11:51 pm
curry to klay thompson. 2 of his 26. golden state lead by 8 after one. then steph curry lit it up. he had 29 points and golden state lead at the half. the third quarter and jeremy lin trying to get the rockets back in. got him within five. he had 21, but that's as close as he will get. watch this follow-up slam. it is warriors win by 30 and head to new orleans for monday night's game. all right, the third ever world baseball classic has puerto rico knocking out japan in tonight's first semifinal. the japanese hero, the babe ruth threw out the first pitch on the right. puerto rico didn't waste anytime. he comes around to score and pew rare toe rico comes up. and then they are flexing a little muscle. he got all of that one. a two-run bomb to left. puerto rico goes up 3-0. 3-1 puerto rico.
11:52 pm
and fittingly, the giants' angel pagan will grab the final out. they will move to tuesday's final with a 3-1 victory. >> we haven't won it yet. we believe we can win this, and that's what we are all about. we are waiting for who ever wins to play them on tuesday. it was the same atmosphere like it was in the playoffs. looking at the guys in center field the same. familiar faces and it is cool. it made me feel very comfortable and to play this game. >> now, the netherlands seen here practicing yesterday. dominican republic play in tomorrow's second semifinal. the giants' hitting coach is the netherlands manager. he knows this ballpark, but he has his hands full with the dominicans as they have not lost a game in this tournament. >> he has had the same attitude from day one. it doesn't matter who we play. we beat korea in the first game in taiwan and then we beat australia and then beat
11:53 pm
cuba twice. we will have to play a clean game and pitch well and we will have to run the bases well and we will have quality at bats. we will keep the line moving to score the runs we need to win tomorrow. >> of course that game is set for 6:00 at at&t park. let's tee it up in florida where we have another first time winner on tour. he has played in 153pga tour events. and he finally finds the winner's circle. can you tell it is st. paddy's day. you don't see that on a golf course very often. he shot an eight under 63. shots like this helped his approach on 16 and stops inches from the hole. he was the leader going into the clubhouse at eight under par. he entered today tied for the lead. the third hole and chipping for birdie and it is on-line. nothing but net. and then on 17 one stroke lead and for birdie and no doubt about it and takes the two-stroke lead into the final hole. he knows that he can go
11:54 pm
fishing. he tap itself in on 18 and four under 67. two-stroke victory and his first win on the pga tour gets an end to the masters for the second time in his career. men's tennis and he is facing raphael nadal at indian wells. nadal rallied to win the second. nadal with a nice winner at net. we go to match point for nadal. it is wide and he wins his third title in four tournaments since returning from a 7-month injury layoff. he will take off for cautionary of his knee. and maria sharapova won it in straight sets. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. i know you were at indian wells and enjoying it. >> it was a lot of fun to watch and it is nice to see rafa come back to win. >> and he has taken a break because his knee he doesn't want to get in trouble with that next week for the sony open. >> do we think it was
11:55 pm
bothering him dure the tournament or just beak cautious? >> i think he is being cautious because he was off for seven months. this is like a major and next week is like a major too. so a lot of fun. >> absolutely. that does it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm carolyn johnson and for leigh glaser and mike shumann leigh glaser and mike shumann and thanks for joining us.
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